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Green Wall landscaping

Turning an ordinary fence or wall into a vertical garden will not only enhance its beauty. It is also like an insulator for the wall of the building. and help filter the air to be more pure It also filters out various noises.

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Vertical gardening (Green Wall)

It is considered a form of landscaping that is becoming popular. The current residence may have limited space for landscaping such as condominiums, townhouses or decorating the garden wall beside the pool. or in a department store

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For the Green Wall system, there are two main systems:

Panel System and Pot System, each system is different. We can choose according to the suitability of each job site.

Panel System The internal structure is a PVC back panel with hydraulic foam that has the ability to retain water. synthetic fiber sheet coconut fiber layer and HDPE fiber netting. This system plays tricks or tree patterns well. As for the pot system, the pots will be arranged according to the appropriate design. This system is quite comfortable. can be installed easily and cheaper

The important thing that we should pay attention to is the water system. Many times there will be problems with trees withering and dying quickly. The best thing to do before installing a water system is to assess the environment in which the installation is located, such as full sun, low sunlight, or indoor, as well as the type of plants such as water-loving or low-water-loving plants. Most of them rely on experts to set up the system. to be able to set various settings accordingly

Because the tree will continue to grow. Sometimes the length of the branches may be longer. Care is therefore important. Must be trimmed and maintained to maintain beauty Also, fertilizing and checking the various systems to work efficiently So that our vertical garden will always be beautiful.

Green Wall is therefore an alternative that is suitable for the lifestyle of urban people in today’s era with space constraints. But I want to have nature close to me This is considered a good solution that makes the 5 advantages of Green Wall as follows:

– Help to add highlights and interest to the area.

– Suitable for removal area

– help increase green space and atmosphere close to nature

– Helps reduce air pollution dust and noise

– Help to reduce the temperature of the building to cool down the quality of life of the city people.

Vertical gardening is another great solution for homes with little garden space. The vertical garden uses vertical space attached to the wall or wall to become a large green space that looks dimensionless and adds beauty to the house.

Currently, there are a variety of vertical gardening techniques. that is both easy and convenient Suitable for people with no space And a lot of time to maintain, such as the use of green wall panels, which look like a tray. There is a plant compartment attached to a steel frame. or using blocks to plant trees It looks like a concrete block or terracotta lined up to form a wall. Then use mortar to anchor between the blocks. There is no need for complicated structures to hold blocks.

selected plants Mostly focus on small foliage. and lightweight easy to make structure and installation process It should also take into account the nature of each type of plant. How do you like the sunlight more or less differently? Arrange the arrangement according to the amount of light that you like. like a plant that likes a lot of sun on top The sun-loving plant below, etc. In addition, a watering system should be installed regularly. To save time in watering and maintenance.

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