How to Make a Movie With Movie Maker 2.0

To create a film, you can use Movie Maker. This program allows you to split videos into segments and apply different transition styles. To make a movie with a short duration, you can use the transition styles and adjust the length of the transition. You can also change the frame-rate of individual frames to adjust their motion. After you have loaded the files into the program, you can start editing them. Depending on your needs, you can even add a title to the movie.

You can test the effects by double-clicking the movie file in Windows Explorer. It should open in a movie-player. After that, you can place it on a web page and make it available online. If you need to share your movie, you can copy its URL to your website. The URL will be provided at the end of the page so your viewers can easily access the movie. The movie file can be exported as a DVD or CD.

MovieMaker is capable of creating both photo slideshows and full-blown movies. The program supports a variety of image, video, and audio files. You can select multiple image files and videos at a time. You can add text captions, too. Moreover, MovieMaker supports a wide range of file formats, including mp4 and gif. The program also supports webm and ts. MovieMaker 2.0 is an excellent lightweight multimedia editor for making photo slideshows. In addition to making movies, you can create photo slideshows or merge video files.

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