Lumera Wholesale Diamonds Manchester Review

When you are shopping for diamonds, you want to make sure you get the best price possible. Lumera Wholesale Diamonds Manchester offers excellent prices on diamonds, often up to 40% less than retail. In addition, they offer free shipping and excellent customer service. These retailers offer GIA-certified diamonds at wholesale prices.

Lumera Wholesale Diamonds Manchester

Lumera Wholesale Diamonds Manchester offers diamonds at wholesale prices, often 40% less than retail prices. The company also offers free shipping, knowledgeable consultants and more. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring or wedding band, Lumera Wholesale Diamonds Manchester is the place to go.

Loose Best lab diamonds can also be purchased at Lumera. The company offers a variety of cuts and colors, including a classic European cut. A euro cut diamond, for example, weighs 2.05 carats and is of JC color and VS2 clarity. Moreover, Lumera also sells diamonds that have been cut in other shapes or sizes.

Pricing philosophy

Many people turn to wholesalers when they’re looking for the best deal on diamonds. But the term “wholesale” has many nuances. It may refer to a tax-free purchase of large quantities or to the elimination of the middleman. Either way, diamond wholesalers are known for their competitive pricing, as they can offer lower prices than other retailers.


Markup is the additional cost added to the price of goods to cover business overheads and profit. Normally, businesses do not disclose their markups. However, some companies do, such as Tiffany & Co. The company breaks down its business segments in its annual report, but does not provide details on their markups for diamond rings.

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