Original Essay Topics

How many time you’ve faced the problem of choosing original essay topics? What topic will be interesting not only for you, buy will attract the attention of your supervisor? What essay topic will make your research process easier and better? Read answers to all these questions in our article. Look through the list of the most controversial and original essay topics, which were gathered just for you and select the best one of them. 

Original Essay Topics: Problem Solution Essay

The writer’s aim is to choose some problem and discuss it in the writing process, for example, talk about:

  • Food labeling.
  • Cheating.
  • Drunk driving.
  • Internet spam.
  • Loneliness.
  • Parent education.
  • Illegal immigration.

Original Essay Topics: Process Essay

The aim of the process essay for sale is to provide readers with some instructions for completing a particular task. The writer should describe the plan of actions and their functions. It is possible to talk about:

  • Clock repair.
  • Carving.
  • Floral design.
  • Magic tricks.
  • Dance instruction.
  • Funeral traditions.
  • Making soap.
  • Photography.
  • Lock picking.

Original Essay Topics: Expository Essay

The process of choosing topic of this essay type is extremely important for the writer, as it sets the tone of writing and its style. You may choose among the following examples:

  1. Describe drug taking consequences.
  2. Describe non-material things, making you happy.
  3. Describe yous activities at home.
  4. Describe the influence of music on your life. 
  5. Describe nationalism consequences.
  6. What does poverty mean to you?
  7. What does loneliness mean to you?
  8. Why do teens wear makeup?

Original Essay Topics: Descriptive Essay

To write really good descriptive essay, choose an idea, which is interesting to discuss and present, for example:

  • A person you’d like to look like. 
  • A scary place.
  • My first kiss.
  • The house of your dream.
  • Wedding ceremony. 
  • A wonderful view.

Original Essay Topics: Help

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