Pair Your xFi Gateway With Xfinity Home For an Enhanced Security

When it comes to home security, there are several brands selling their smart home security systems to help people keep their homes safe. A smart security system comes with sensors and advanced technology that helps people monitor their homes and detect potential threats. Well, these security systems are super-efficient and personalized for you, and they work no less than a security guard that knows everyone you know and has all the information about what are threatening things that could affect your home. These systems are well aware of what things to let go, such as pets, relatives, friends and it also knows what are the potential dangers. 

Well, Security with these smart gadgets is not so loose. However, one thing that is a huge risk when you use smart home security in an era where cybercrimes are on hike and hackers are efficient than ever before is your internet security. Your security system might be at risk if your internet is not secure enough. 

Xfinity Home and xFi Gateway

Well, this article discusses how pairing up your xFi gateway along with Xfinity Home helps you keep both, your home and internet secure. As we discussed, if your internet is not secure and private, you cannot keep your home secure. Cybercriminals and hackers these days are efficient than ever before and if you internet is not secure, they can easily hack into your system and control it. If a hacker gets control over your system, they can easily disarm the entire system and break into your home. 

Well, the reason you need to pair xFi Gateway with your Xfinity Home is that it keeps your entire home network secure even from the guests that visit your home and use your WiFi. Not only that but the xFi Advanced Security provides you a personalized internet security which keeps you safe from all the hackers and cybercriminals. 

So, if you want to add an extra layer of security to your home’s security system, read along and know for yourself how Xfinity Home and xFi gateway are the best combination to have.

How to Get The xFi Gateway

Well, xFi Gateway can be rented with any of Xfinity’s internet packages on a super affordable monthly fee. The device is simple and easy to install, it makes you internet, and security experience much better. 

xFi Gateway Connects All Your Smart Devices 

When it comes to the benefits of getting the xFi Gateway, besides providing maximum security, it keeps your entire home network connected. It connects all your smart home devices and makes them all run in integration. By connecting your smart devices to the xFi gateway, you can monitor and control your entire system from one place, which helps you keep an eye on your home’s security condition at all times. Monitoring and controlling your system becomes easy and seamless. 

High Speed to Help Your Home Network Run Smoothly

One thing that is a prerequisite when you have smart home devices, especially a security system is a high-speed internet. Well, Xfinity Internet Speed tiers are for everyone and one thing that is best about Xfinity is that it provides you the speed that has been promised or even more than that. Besides, when you get an xFi gateway device, your internet does not lag and the speed is more enhanced. So, when you use a smart device, it responds almost immediately without lagging. Speed is one factor due to which it is essential to have an xFi gateway if you have a smart home. 

Provides Maximum Coverage 

Besides speed, when you have multiple smart devices and have a big home, your traditional router does not work in this case. Often times when you have a smart device or security device placed in a location in your home that is either far from the router or is a dead zone, the device keeps loosing connection and does not respond as early as other smart gear would. Well, this gets super annoying because smart home technology is supposed to be integrated, especially when it is home security. Xfinity security is super-efficient, and when you pair it up with the xFi gateway, the xFi gateway provides maximum coverage all around your house, enhanced the speed, the signal strength is increased, and it even sends signals to the dead zones of your house.  

Advanced Security Dashboard

Well, let’s get to the important part now. With the xFi gateway, you get an advanced security gateway, which works as a personalized internet security system and saves you from all potential cyber threats. The advanced Security Dashboard helps detects all potential threats for you, understands your personal network’s patterns and adapts to it to give you an advanced security experience. Apart from that, it blocks all vulnerable websites from your devices, saves you from malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and identity theft. 

The dashboard keeps notifying you of potential threats, and when there is something more serious with a device and it has been invaded, the Advanced Security system isolates that device from the entire system until it is free of virus and threats. This saves your other devices from getting infected. The xFi gateway’s security is super efficient also because it keeps your WiFi hidden from strangers and it provides you with separate guest WiFi hotspots so that your network is independent from outside devices and intruders

Smart Ecosystem 

Well, when you get all of Xfinity’s other services such as Xfinity Voice, TV, Xfinity Home, and Internet, you can create your own Xfinity smart ecosystem. Connecting all you Xfinity services and devices as well as the xFi gateway, your network works as an ecosystem and that makes all your services work seamlessly. 

Creates Value for Money

Besides working seamlessly, when you have multiple services from Xfinity, you get several benefits that create a lot of value for your money. Xfinity services when bundled, and even if they are not bundled, come with lots of value creating benefits, which save you a lot of money. For example, when you get any of Xfinity’s internet packages, you are eligible for the Xfinity Flex, which is a 4K TV streaming box. The Xfinity Flex box comes with its own free 4K HD content for you to watch. 

Easy Installation 

The xFi gateway is easy to install and comes with a DIY guidebook that has all the instructions you need to follow in order to set up the xFi gateway device and get it running. The DIY installation also helps you save money because even if you find something difficult to grasp, you can always reach out to Xfinity’s tech support that is available 24/7.  

Sleek Design Goes Well With Other Devices 

Besides all other things and benefits, the good part about the xFi gateway and the Xfinity Home security system is that the design is sleek and it goes well with all the other devices. You can place the sleek and modern looking device in the center of your home and it will go well in your lounge. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, we hope this information was enough to persuade you on getting your hands on Xfinity Home as well as the xFi gateway. These two services along with all other Xfinity services will prove to be your best and most valuable services ever and you will not regret making your experience so seamless. 

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