Should Healthy Food Taste Bad, Disgusting Or Delicious?

Regardless of your personal tastes, you probably have a strong reaction to the idea that healthy foods should taste disgusting or bad. It’s understandable – the world is becoming more obese. While the obesity rate may be due to many natural factors, we can blame our food culture for making healthy food taste gross. However, what’s the best way to avoid this reaction? Here are some tips.

The first thing to understand is that flavor is not the same in every food. This is because the flavor of healthy foods doesn’t activate the same senses as those of junk food. For example, junk food may be enhanced by adding sugar or salt to its flavor, but this does not have any health benefits. Secondly, healthy food is generally made with less oil than junk food, which adds calories and fat to the food.

Another aspect of food that can make healthy food taste disgusting is the mouthfeel. A rotten apple will feel slimy and mushy, which alerts our brains that something is wrong. Foods have a mouthfeel that tells us a thousand stories about them. It’s this sensation that determines whether healthy food is delicious or disgusting. But if we’re avoiding certain foods, why not try to introduce them at an early age?

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