Talk About an Article Which You Have Read About Health

Talk about an article which you have ventsmagazine read about health. This article could be about a certain health topic or it could be about a healthy lifestyle. This article should be a good source of information and can help you become more knowledgeable about the issues of health. A good example would be an article about preventing heart disease.

In this IELTS Speaking Part 2 cue card, you will have to talk about an article about health that you have read in a magazine or on the Internet. It is important to remember to give the title of the article, where you read it, and what you learned from it. You will have two to three minutes to speak about the article, as well as one minute to take notes. The Speaking part of the test will assess your vocabulary and grammar proficiency, as well as your confidence in speaking English.

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Many people today live sedentary getliker lives and eat fast food instead of cooking fresh meals from scratch. Their unhealthy living conditions are increasing their chances of developing various illnesses. Moreover, technology has taken away precious time for exercise and walking. People prefer to drive instead of walking, and they also choose washing machines instead of doing laundry by hand.

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