The Best Technology News Sources

While there are countless sources online that feature tech news, we’ve narrowed our choices down to a few top choices. The first is Ars Technica, founded nearly two decades ago and now owned by Conde Nast. This website features news, editorials, and consumer interest topics, including the latest in gaming and consumer electronics. Moreover, the website has a forum where readers can interact with one another and discuss issues that affect the technology world. While this site is funded through online advertising, it has been a paid service since 2001.

The Financial Times is a bastion of financial news, but it has huge insight into the world of tech. Their editors have a knack for spotting issues before they become big problems in the boardroom. WIRED isn’t necessarily a technology news source, but they feature company profiles and interesting Silicon Valley analysis that’s worth following. And they publish industry scoops regularly, so you’ll always have a fresh perspective on what’s new. is a popular website that covers everything from new gadgets to startups. Its articles are short, and they’ll tell you how much time you need to spend reading each one. Lastly, the New York Times is a reliable source of tech news. The New York Times has a section called Business of Technology, which combines articles about the technology world with those about politics and business. With so many topics covered, it’s difficult to choose just a few.

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