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Things To Know About Lab Grown Diamonds

The Best Lab Grown Diamonds have seen tremendous growth in popularity within the jewelry industry, yet many remain unaware of what defines these unique stones and distinguishes them from natural gems.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) are two methods used to create lab-grown diamonds.

1. They Are Identical to Natural Diamonds

If you were to hold both lab grown and natural diamonds up against each other, it would be difficult to tell which was which. They’re chemically, optically and physically similar – with some natural diamonds featuring minor inclusions which may be covered up using magnification tools.

These tiny inclusions are extremely rare and are easily overlooked, making lab diamonds an economical solution. If you want a beautiful stone at a lower cost, lab diamonds may be your perfect match.

Lab Created Diamonds London are produced using high pressure, heat and chemicals that emulate the formation process of naturally mined diamonds. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that adhere to GIA-graded four C standards.

2. They Are Eco-Friendly

Lab grown diamonds are growing increasingly popular globally due to their many ethical and environmental advantages. Plus, their lower price point make them even more appealing for consumers.

Sustainable diamonds are an ideal gift or long-term investment option for anyone who values environmental considerations. Furthermore, they don’t require mining – an activity with considerable environmental effects.

Laboratory produced diamonds are also versatile. Offering various colors and styles, you’re bound to find something perfect to meet your taste.

Lab-grown diamond production requires more energy than mined diamond production, so it’s essential to select suppliers with commitments to minimizing their carbon footprint and less costly lab-grown options. As technology progresses, lab-grown diamonds will become even more eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

3. They Are Ethical

Lab-grown diamonds are produced ethically in a laboratory and offer more sustainable options to consumers who support companies that share similar values.

Lab grown diamonds have become increasingly popular due to their eco-friendliness and social awareness, drawing in younger buyers looking for environmentally sustainable purchases that help protect our environment. This trend has drawn in Millennials looking for ways to do their part to preserve Earth.

Chemical vapor deposition or high pressure/high temperature processes that mimic how diamonds form naturally can create manmade diamonds, making the process safer and more transparent than traditional mining.

These stones are also easier to track than mined diamonds, making it more challenging for companies to conceal their sourcing and manufacturing methods.

Workers cutting and polishing natural diamonds in Surat, India are exposed to dangerous levels of dust that can lead to cancer or silicosis – often grossly underpaid and working under dangerous conditions.

4. They Are Affordable

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for an economical diamond option, lab-grown ones may be your perfect match. At about 30 percent less costly than their natural counterparts and without mining processes involved in their production process – they offer shorter supply chains too!

Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD is the process by which a small diamond seed is transformed into diamond through high pressure and temperature conditions.

High Pressure High Temperature, or HPHT, mimics the natural process of diamond formation to produce real diamonds with identical structures, hardness and light reflection properties as real ones.

Lab-grown diamonds may only be an emerging category, yet they already hold great promise to transform the diamond industry for good. Offering cost-effective alternatives to natural diamonds backed by ethical sourcing policies and having lower production costs without contributing to environmental damage by dredging oceans or habitat destruction, lab-grown diamonds have the power to transform how people view diamonds forever.

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