What Apps Do Canadians Use to Buy and Sell Cars?

If you’re considering buying or selling a car in Canada, you’re probably looking for the best apps to do so. These mobile apps can be a great way to save time while searching for the perfect car. Listed below are a few of the best apps for Canadians. These apps are great for researching cars, giving you access to private sellers, dealerships, and other information. They can even help you calculate your car loan payments.

AutoTrader is Canada’s largest online car company, and it’s now available on iOS devices. This app offers a huge inventory of new and used vehicles, and has useful features like pricing tools, reviews, and buyer’s guides. Using this app, you can find the perfect car at a great price in Canada. And if you’re a Canadian looking for a used car, AutoTrader’s app is also a great choice.

Autotrader has been one of the most comprehensive online search tools for Canadian car buyers, and the app is even better. The free app allows you to search its vehicle database without a sign-up. You can refine your search by entering your location and other relevant criteria. You can even search for a specific make and model. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to search for private sellers through this app.

Canada Drives’ recent funding will allow it to expand its presence in existing markets and add new ones. It plans to hire 200 people over the next year. It has a curated inventory of used cars, and all vehicles are certified. The company stores the vehicles throughout its zones and delivers them to customers’ doors. And, unlike some other apps, it allows its users to return the vehicle within seven days.

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