What are the Benefits of Offering Free Wi-Fi to Your Customers?

Whether you own a coffee shop or a retail store, it is always a good idea to provide free Wi-Fi access to your customers. You may believe that the company can’t make a profit by giving free Wi-Fi hotspots as it doesn’t promise anything from the customers in return. However, you need to understand that it can be a very lucrative move for your venture in many ways. Keep reading to know how it works!

How Do Businesses Profit by Providing Free Wi-Fi Access to their Customers?

Here are some of the major ways businesses can make profits by giving free Wi-Fi to every customer:

Customers Will Stay in Your Store/Cafe

If a customer asks a salesperson or any staff at your store to provide network credentials due to an urgent task, this means that the person will spend more time at your store. With time, the customer may start wandering around to see your products that may interest him or her. If the product convinces them, they might even end up making a purchase.

Similarly, if you are running a café and a customer walks in only to get access to free Wi-Fi, you can influence them into making a purchase, perhaps by ordering as little as a cup of coffee. Even if the customer initially wanted to visit your café so that they could book an Uber to get back home, staying at your café will attract them to your scrumptious snacks or fancy drinks being served.

In addition, you can set a rule at your café that whenever a customer enters and settles down in your cafe to ask for your Wi-Fi password, the customer is required to order something to eat. Another way to humbly suggest your customer to order food is by changing your Wi-Fi password to “EatFirst.” This way, even if your customer was initially intending to leave the café after a few minutes of surfing the web, they will be influenced into ordering something from your menu.

Customers Will Have More Understanding of Your Products

A lot of times, customers want to compare the price tags on in-store items to those being sold online. This is because many people believe that the prices of products vary in online and physical stores. Besides, many brands offer sales and discounts in their e-stores, which can make your customers believe that they are paying a higher price in-store for something they can get at a discounted price.

By offering a free Wi-Fi network, you will enable your customers to understand your products’ prices and ongoing sales more precisely. When your customers will check your online store while standing in your physical outlet, it will help them check the quality of your products before making a purchase. Nonetheless, this situation can benefit your company in a variety of ways.

But, if your Wi-Fi network takes too long to load your e-commerce website on your customer’s smartphone, get in touch with Windstream Espanol to resolve your connectivity issues.

Target Marketing

When customers visit your store and ask about your network credentials, their information is shared with the company. After connecting to the Wi-Fi network, customers may start scrolling through social media accounts or check their inboxes for important emails. This allows the exchange of personal information, such as their name, email address, location, etc, As a result, companies can utilize this data to send targeted ads to these same customers.

However, if you are afraid that your customer may download malicious files while using your network, you need to get Windstream internet as it provides added security for its users.

Customers Will Feel More Comfortable

If your restaurant gives Wi-Fi network credentials to customers before ordering food, this will make the individual customers feel more confident and safe in your restaurant or shop. this will also allow them to have a nice time there. It can also encourage dining alone, which can be a blessing and a curse for most introverts.

Wrapping Up

Customers and businesses go hand in hand! When customers enjoy the services they get, they are more likely to buy more products. Similarly, when you offer free Wi-Fi connection to your customers, your profits will go up, increasing your sales and overall revenue.

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