What Do the Song Lyrics to Uptown Funk Mean?

The title of the popular uptown hip-hop hit “Uptown Funk” is a clue to what it really means. It was written by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. “Uptown” refers to a certain area of a city, usually New York. Mark Ronson, who studied and worked in New York, was most likely thinking of the city while writing the song. It’s also worth noting that the Uptown Funk music video was shot in New York, and the lyrics of the song have the city’s spirit as a backdrop.

While the uptown funk song lyrics don’t necessarily mean “hip hop” or “hip-hop” per se, the phrase often implies high class. Uptown funk has been compared to rap artist Billy Joel, and it’s often regarded as a form of’retro-hip-hop’ music. However, what do the lyrics to Uptown Funk mean?

Uptown Funk has a smooth, funky sound, with a “slick” ’70s veneer. It was popular enough that it became ubiquitous and spread among different demographics. While “Uptown Funk” was about hip-hop, the lyrics also talk about coke and drug culture. The song’s lyrics are full of ’70s slang and are a nod to the drug trade of the era.

The lyrics are based on a 1981 song by funk band Collage. The band sued Mars and Ronson in 1990 for copyright infringement. It claims that some elements of “Uptown Funk” were lifted from their 1983 single “Young Girls.” The lawsuit was filed by living members of the band, as well as the estates of their deceased members. There’s also a BBC children’s show with similarities to Uptown Funk.

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