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What is a loft in interior design

To answer the question: what is the loft? – you need to list the main features of this trend, and get acquainted with its history. It originated in America. The appearance of the loft in the interior owes its appearance to the residents of New York. It was they who started to turn the territory of the former factories with factories in the living space. In fashion, came into the conversion of attics, warehouses and other industrial facilities. This trend was due to the high prices of housing in the central part of the city https://furnihauz.com/.

What is a loft style design?

Artists and designers began to settle in buildings that had previously belonged to manufactories. The peak of loft popularity came in the 1950s and 60s of the twentieth century. And it originated in the 1940s. Creative people began to turn industrial buildings into a center of bohemian life. The converted warehouses and factories had a special charm, they were imbued with the spirit of the post-industrial era.

Designer Yurovsky turned a former factory into an art studio. He created an apartment on the 5th floor of the building, which had been previously owned by the factory, located on the territory of Manhattan. His example was followed by artists and filmmakers. Aristocratic life in New York City boiled up with renewed vigor and dislocation.

The loft-style apartments were captivating in their brutality. Check out these different apartments for rent in Hampton, VA for a variety of styles and vibes. Their main features were:

  • high ceilings;
  • large windows;
  • the use of concrete and brick in the decoration.

Offices, apartments and exhibition halls, arranged on the site of industrial facilities began to be classified as “elite”.

Loft. Interior design by the rules: laws and description of the style

Loft interior style looks rough. Rooms with this design are characterized by laconic decor. Communications (pipes, wooden beams) are left in plain sight. In the design is dominated by unplastered surfaces of concrete and brick. The rooms are furnished with wooden furniture.

The second law of loft is associated with open studio space. The rooms must have high ceilings and panoramic windows. Do not force the room with furniture – leave space for free movement. The priority is given to the studio layout.

Loft style interiors are zoned with color, furniture and materials of different textures.

Another law is related to democracy and eclecticism. Lofts are first and foremost a rebellious spirit. In this design, the details inherent in high-tech can coexist with exquisite vases, elements of the classics and ethnic things. Smooth glass surfaces create a dramatic contrast to crumbling brickwork and exposed utilities. Furniture is usually used inexpensive.

The fourth law states that the background should be white. It emphasizes the contrasting elements of architecture, for example, tectonic details.

The fifth law implies the use of non-standard accessories in the spirit of “graffiti”. A decorative function can be performed by:

  • road signs;
  • posters;
  • abstract images framed in massive antique frames.

The value of the loft gives the details borrowed from the past construction: the ventilation, which no one tries to mask, pipes, brick walls. Interior design in this style is never overlooked, it can not be called faded and ordinary. In the loft there is no need to achieve a perfect smoothness of surfaces. In such interiors there are no partitions, they are dominated by open structures, often using finishing with metal sheets.

Open floor plans are complemented by panoramic glazing. In the loft there is no place for wallpaper and plastic panels, the preference is given to rough surfaces or their imitation.

The floors are most often made of board, concrete for the living space is not the best solution, so it is usually imitated by artificial coatings.

The furniture is placed chaotically, the same principle is followed in its selection.

In such interiors there are often wooden or metal staircases, which have a simple design.

In high rooms, a two-level layout can be used.

The color palette should be restrained and based on 2-3 tones.

The main emphasis is formed on the ceiling – its height or the corresponding illusion. Ceiling surfaces may attract attention due to beams, trusses, industrial fans, uncovered electrical wiring.

Blinds, classic curtains and roller blinds should not be used in the design of window openings, they remain open. In a room located in the attic, spectacular looking windows integrated into the roof.

Loft style in apartment or home design

Industrial design is appropriate to use in the interiors of country houses and urban apartments. To emphasize its technogenic and urban character will help pictures of urban panoramas, lamps on brackets, similar to the street lamps.

In the loft, the components of the environment are not connected. You can safely use different sized chairs, “dressed” in baggy xotic news covers.

The walls are best kept in their natural form. If this is not possible, create an imitation of brickwork. You can finish with textured plaster, which has a deliberately rough texture.

The ceiling surface is usually painted in white color, affecting a small strip of walls adjacent to it. This method visually raises the ceilings, making the rooms seem more spacious.


What light fixtures is better to use in the interior in the loft style?

The ideal option is considered to be spotlights with directional lighting, located along the perimeter of the room. The use of dangling fixtures that accentuate the attention on certain areas is welcomed.

Can I use a fireplace for decoration?

The fireplace is one of the features of the loft, instead of it can also be used an open stove or burzhuyka.

What kind of flooring is better to do in the room, sustained in loft style?

The optimal option is considered a poured floor. It is acceptable to use artificial materials that imitate concrete with natural stone.

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