White Sapphires Vs Diamonds – Moissanite Vs White Sapphire

When comparing the cost of White sapphires vs diamonds, many consumers wonder about the man-made stone Moissanite. This man-made diamond-like gem is less expensive, but still more prone to inclusions than natural white sapphires. Let’s take a look at these differences to see which is best for you. If you want to save some money while buying a beautiful stone, go for the natural variety.

Moissanite is a man-made gem

A man-made gemstone called moissanite is one of the most popular alternatives to diamonds. The process of creating a moissanite gemstone begins with the combination of SiC and carbon. These compounds are heated to around 2200degF to convert them to a liquid state. Once the mixture is cooled, the crystals are then poured into a mold and solidify. The result is a crystal that is near colorless and free of impurities.

The mineral Moissanite was discovered in Arizona in 1893 by Henri Moissan, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. When Moissan first discovered microscopic crystals, he thought he had found diamonds. However, he later learned that the crystals were silicon carbide. Because natural moissanite is so rare, the gemstone has been manufactured and incorporated into jewelry. Unlike diamonds, moissanite is much less likely to attract dirt. Hence, it remains sparkling longer between cleanings. the best fashion

One of the most popular diamond alternatives is moissanite. Although the two gemstones have many similarities, they are different in terms of their appearance. Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, while diamond is a natural gemstone. While diamonds are formed from carbon crystals, moissanite is created through a different manufacturing process. Moissanite is usually colored, but the Forever Brilliant Moissanite is a bright white stone.

Moissanite is less expensive than diamonds

The price difference between a Moissanite and a White Sapphire isn’t great, but it is significant enough to make the white stone a better choice for everyday wear. Generally speaking, Moissanites are less expensive than diamonds in white sapphires, but their prices depend on carat size. In the case of a one-carat White Sapphire, the price difference is minimal because moissanites are slightly more expensive than diamonds.

The difference between a Moissanite and a Diamond is a mere 15%. However, the price ratio does get worse as the size increases. A half-carat diamond costs twice as much as a 6.5mm Moissanite. The price ratio grows as the size increases, so that a 6.5mm Moissanite stone costs about $850.

The price difference between a Moissanite and a Diamond is mostly due to supply and demand in the engagement ring industry. Despite the lower price of Moissanite, over ninety percent of couples still choose Diamonds for their engagement rings. As such, the prices of Diamonds remain high, and the demand for colored gemstones is lower, jewelers can charge a higher price for a Diamond.

Natural white sapphires have more inclusions

Inclusions are microscopic breaks or inclusions within a gemstone. Inclusions can be light, dark, transparent, or opaque, depending on the nature of the mineral that has been trapped. For example, sapphires contain inclusions of spinel, calcite, zircon, and hematite. Some types of inclusions can be harmless, such as tiny specks of glass. Some, however, are structurally damaging.

Another common type of inclusions is silk. These are thin, striated mineral inclusions, which are commonly found in groups. Sometimes, these needles are transparent and lend a star sapphire a star-like appearance. Although silk inclusions are not considered permanent, they can enhance the value of a sapphire. Silk inclusions scatter light in a cut sapphire, illuminating deeper facets and increasing brilliance.


A natural White Sapphire Vs Diamond has more inclusions than a synthetic stone. This is because it is less expensive to purchase, but it doesn’t sparkle as much. An excellent cut stone may cost $100, while a ring with additional gemstones could cost tens of thousands of dollars. The differences in price aren’t dramatic, but they are worth noting. The price is still more affordable than a diamond, but sapphires are more durable.

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