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Why Geometric Shapes are Trending in Website Design

When you are designing a website, you must be aware of the latest trends. When you implement the latest website design trends you can create a website that is popular. One of the popular trends is the use of geometric shapes in the design. Geometry in web design refers to the use of uniform geometric shapes while designing a website.

If we go back to our school days, we can recall the basics of geometry we learned. Geometric shapes are formed by lines and curves. Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and pentagons are all examples of geometric shapes. So, how can we use geometry in website design? And most importantly, how will it help? Read on to know the answers.

What is geometry in web design?

The basic element in geometry is a point. The point is denoted in the form of a dot. It can be represented as a sphere or in the form of a button on a website. The importance of points in web design is that it helps to focus on an object. A sphere-shaped button will stand out, and you can use it for a call-to-action on your webpage.

Lines are the most common geometric elements. They help to connect two points. You can make use of lines to show connection and draw a visitor’s attention from one point to another. Using the point and the line, you can then create various shapes. They include straight lines as well as curves.

Using geometry in web design

The following offers some pointers to help you make use of geometric shapes while designing a website:

  • Lines and shapes are helpful in guiding users while they navigate a website.
  • You can use geometric shapes as an outline or can fill it with a color partially or fully.
  • Geometry can be used as single dimension objects as in lines. You can also them in two and three dimensions.
  • Frames are geometric shapes that can be used to highlight spicecinemas a text or an image.
  • You can use the geometric shape as a fixture on the webpage or include it in animation or a transition.
  • Geometry is helpful when you plan your design. You can use it as grids or wireframes while making the design.
  • When you add geometric shapes, you can make the website look attractive. It can help visitors focus on certain elements of the webpage. It is a simple way to make your design stand out.

Benefits of using geometric shapes in website design

  1. Using geometric shapes adds symmetry and balance to your website. It makes your website well organized.
  2. When you use geometric shapes, they easily fit together. This helps you design in a structured way.
  3. Using geometry helps you keep your design consistent. When your design is consistent, users find it comfortable to view the website.
  4. Adding geometric shapes can help you highlight other elements on the website like text or graphics.
  5. Geometry is very helpful if you are using celeblifes minimalistic designs. It fits well in the design.
  6. You can use the geometric shapes in any way you want. It can be in the background, as a pattern, or in the foreground.

The meaning of geometric shapes when used in web desig

Each of the geometric shapes conveys a particular meaning when used in web design. It is important to understand this before creating your design.

1) Squares and rectangles

The most common shapes used are squares and rectangles. They are a traditional element of design and ensure balance on your website. You can place text or stock images in the squares or rectangles to make them look well-balanced. Menu options or buttons can also be placed in squares and rectangles.

2) Circles

A circle usually represents infinity. It is considered a feminine shape that represents love and perfection. They work very well in website design to make the page look attractive. Using a circle over text or an image enhances its looks.

3) Triangles

A triangle stands for action. Just as a circle is considered feminine, a triangle is considered masculine. They work like arrows and denote direction. They are best used along with the navigational elements of the webpage.

4) Rhombus

Being diamond-shaped, a rhombus makes the design looks contemporary. If you want to create a vibrant appearance, then use the rhombus in your wearfanatic website design.

5) Hexago

Hexagons are honeycomb-shaped and denote cooperation between people. They are perfectly suited for company profile pages. Adding colors to them will make your design stand out.

With these tips, you can add something new to your website design with the help of geometric shapes.

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